I help companies build web products that have an impact on the business.

Every digital product company
face the same problems:
build the right software
and do it quickly.

I help you understand what you need to build by:

  • auditing your product business metrics
  • running a 1 or 2 days workshop with your team to find the most promising and less expensive way to reach your current goal
  • setting up with your team a planning process focused on your desired outcome instead of output

I speed up your development by:

  • auditing the current codebase (PHP & Javascript), finding the brittle parts that are making you waste time and money
  • auditing the current development process to find where the bottlenecks are
  • training your team to avoid to fall back to the same situation
  • working with your team to build the software

“I had the opportunity to work with Pietro, while he was providing our start-up with software development technical consultancy.
He was able to guide us to meaningful choices as to technologies to use and software architecture, and he led us to improve the quality of our code, by setting up smart coding style conventions.
Most of all, he was able to dramatically improve our productivity by bringing into our start-up best-practice software-development agile project management procedures.”

Paolo Meola, CTO, instilla
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